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We believe good stories should be told without fear or filter, which is why our podcasts are, and always will be, fiercely independent and fully original.

Introducing a brand new podcast series for BBC Sounds from award winning producers The Big Light in co-production with BBC Scotland News.


An epic David and Goliath tale of money, power and resistance. A small Scottish community battle Donald Trump’s dream to create the world’s greatest golf course in their backyard. Despite high-profile protests from locals, planners and environmentalists, Donald Trump’s controversial golf development in Aberdeenshire was greenlit with shocking consequences.

Listen Here

Scottish Island Adventures cover
Scottish Island Adventures

I’m Coinneach MacLeod, The Hebridean Baker, and I am thrilled to bring you the new Caledonian MacBrayne podcast ‘Scottish Island Adventures’.

Atlantic cover
Atlantic: A Scottish Story

On the edge of the world. 

Award-winning 8-part musical-drama series set on the remote island of St Kilda, following the story of two young islanders. Brought to you by The Big Light and Noisemaker. 

Out, Out cover

You’re on the guest list…

The highs and lows of partying with host, Aarti Joshi and co-presenters Laura, Julie and Cassi. The laughter is infectious and the stories are legendary. Join them for a walk of shame down memory lane.

Talking Derry Girls cover
Talking Derry Girls

Fancy some Ulster-Scots craic?

Jeanie, Marie-Louise and Pauline love the sit-com, Derry Girls, based in their home city. They’re watching the series, and chatting about each episode in detail. Join these great friends for fun and laughs.

Hydro cover

Hydr10 - Celebrating the rise of one of the world’s most iconic venues.

Hosted by presenter Katy J, this podcast marks 10 years of The Ovo Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland, taking listeners on a journey which starts with the seed of an idea right through to the venue becoming the second busiest ON THE PLANET!

Talk Media cover
Talk Media

Commentary and opinion.

Broadcaster Stuart Cosgrove, and Professor Eamonn O’Neill, host Talk Media: a weekly, in-depth analysis of the big media stories making the news at home and around the globe.

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